Pear infused Cognac mixed with Lillet Blanc, Plum reduction, topped up with French Sparkling and a Wild Berry foam on top.

When creativity meets the French elegance.


Madison Avenue

"Don Draper’s” favourite drink has been twisted with Olmeca Altos Reposado and Pimento Ginger Tonic reduction.

A sour, spicy and earthy drink for Mad Men.



Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky is mixed with Pineapple Shrub and Salted Caramel that binds all flavours to create a fresh summery cocktail that will leave you wanting more.



Inspired by the famous Berliner Pfannkuchen doughnut. Enjoy the flavours of a heavily glazed Raspberry Vodka-Donut with a Jam reduction served with a Chocolate Coated Pocky.


Die Teilung Mojito

The definitive classic summer cocktail of all time has been twisted to create a DIY drink with home-made Demerara Rum, Agave syrup,

Lime and a home made Blood Orange juice on the side.


Rotkäppchen Daiquiri

The Classic Daiquiri has been dressed up with Plantation 3 Stars, Luxardo Maraschino, Rhubarb and Egg White. Served with

a home made Fruit Rollup for exotic carouse.


Das Biest

When Laphroaig Whisky meets Amaro Disaronno, Strawberry Shrub, Pedro Ximenez and Basil it creates a strong, complex and

smokey Cronenberg monster. A cocktail for The Fearless.


Femme Fatale

What appears to be a fresh & crispy apple flavour  turns around on you with an acidic backlash before ending with a smokey finish.  Craggenmore mixed with Apricot Brandy, Fino Cherry and

Orgeat. “Death has loving arms."


Tausend Gesicht

Let us take you through A Hero’s Journey, with Yellow Chartreuse, Lychee Liqueur and Black Sambuca are encountered to create

a sour, herbal and surprising experience, with Aniseed and

Lime for the extra dramatic kick.



Kaiser Kaffe

The King of Cocktails twisted with Plantation Dark Rum, home-made Fig Liqueur, Raspberry Shrub, Coffee and Mozart Chocolate.

A creamy heaven that even the Kaiser would approve of.


Südamerika Reise

Take a journey to South America with this exotic, alluring concoction. Vido Mezcal mixed with Pisco, Raspberry Shrub, Vanilla and Coriander. A smokey, earthy, spicy and tropical drink.


Italienischen Hengst

Our twist on the iconic Negroni. Havana Club Especial is balanced with Sweet Vermouth and Coffee Infused Campari with Dark Chocolate adding a final layer.



A Berlin play on the original ‘Dan Beachcomber Zombie’ Tiki Cocktail with home-made Demerara Rum, Havana 3YO, Grapefruit Juice, Cinnamon, Lime, Falernum, Pernod and Apricot Brandy. "Grr... Argh..."


Angela Merkel

Her purse is always full of Vodka, Triple Sec & Elderflower Liqueur. At picnics our Iron Lady offers Blackberry with hints of Citrus and Rhubarb. Sugared Rim for jewelry.


Luftwaffe Sour

Tanqueray Gin, Triple Sec and Crème De Voilette fit together like a 'Classic Aviation' with a sour twist by adding Citrus and Egg White, for a smooth flight. Dedicated to Lucas.


Checkpoint Charlie

Black Pepper infused Martell V.S Cognac gives Charlie his kick, while Blackcurrant Liqueur disguised with Lime, Raspberry & Cranberry. Sehr gut border crossing!


Die Ziege

A peaty Talisker 10 Scotch laced with Drambuie Scotch Honey Liqueur, Toasted Sesame Seed rim to enhance smokiness and a Honey & Goat Cheese Cream cleanser on the side.